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Hazel Blears MP
Cardinal Murphy O'Connor

"May your conference promote a "civilization of love"..." Read more

Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield

"Moderate secularists who are not standing shoulder to shoulder with you today have a great deal to thank you for..." Read more

Rafael Rey - Peru Minister
Support from Rafael Rey, the Production Minister of Peru... Find out more
Logging to Reforestation

Illegal loggers agree to reforest an area of the Peruvian rainforest.

Islamic centre CO2 neutral

Woodford Islamic centre joins TICOF and goes CO2 neutral. Read more .

Shahid Malik MP

Shahid Malik, the Under Secretary of State for International Development, "I will be very happy to support your group in whatever way I can...." Read more

Russians Learn From TI UK

A group of leading Russian academics and education chiefs visited Tolerance International to see how the UK's inner cities combat racism, violence and mistrust.

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Diocese joins CO2 community

The diocesan central office in Brentwood is the first Catholic diocesan offices in the UK to become carbon neutral.....Read more

A green present from Her Majesty the Queen

The British Embassy in Peru goes green to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's birthday by joining Tolerance International's Human and Habitat Campaign. Read more.





The two greatest challenges facing humanity today are conflict born of political or ideological extremism and global warming.

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Welcome to Tolerance International UK 

  Image "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Through our Embracing Tolerance Educational Programme we run workshops for schools, faith groups and youth organisations in greater London. These enable the youth to explore their attitudes towards discrimination and prejudices while developing their knowledge and skills to support inclusion, challenge extremism and value cultural diversity.


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Environmental Justice Programme: Peru


Electricity for communities living in rainforests

Tolerance International is proud to announce the commissioning of a ground breaking programme to provide electricity for communities deep in the rainforests of the Amazon. The programme will provide sustainable electricity to impoverished communities, providing lighting in their homes and computers for school children. It will also tackle reforestation by halting slash and burn activities.

Why we need to care about climate change: the UK has 1% of the world's population but we produce 2.3% of the world's CO2. Britons produce more carbon emissions from air travel per head, for instance, than any other country. People in western countries are maintaining energy-intensive lifestyles to the detriment of poorer countries affected by severe climate change.

But you can do something about it by offsetting your carbon emissions. You could support our tree planting programme in Loreto, PeruRead more...

Socio-Cultural Engagement Programmes: Africa 



Women and girls are by and large the main victims of repressive ancient traditions and cultures. Forced genital mutilation, honour killings and forced marriage are just a few painful examples which thousands are going through. In partnership with the NGO Global Mission Service we work with Young women in West Pokot Kenya to provide an alternative to these damaging practices through our Alternative Rights Passage initiative and educational programme...

Please help us defeat it!

Bochoroke Self Help Group


Tolerance International is working in partnership with the community of Bochoroke in the Kisii District, Western Kenya, to promote and protect the socio-cultural and human rights of vulnerable and deprived elderly women and girls living in abject poverty in the Kisii district in Western Kenya.

Tolerance International is helping build a multi-purpose centre providing classrooms and teachers for those children too young to make the 5 mile walk to the nearest school, a medical dispensary to help tackle the major diseases affecting villagers including malaria, anaemia, pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis, measles and gastroenteritis and a safe clean water supply among other things.

By providing the villagers with the resources and technical knowledge, we have helped develop local capacity and channel money in to tackling the really pressing problems. However, phase 2 of the project has been stalled due to lack of funds, so please give urgently to the bochroke initiative!