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Hazel Blears MP
Cardinal Murphy O'Connor

"May your conference promote a "civilization of love"..." Read more

Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield

"Moderate secularists who are not standing shoulder to shoulder with you today have a great deal to thank you for..." Read more

Rafael Rey - Peru Minister
Support from Rafael Rey, the Production Minister of Peru... Find out more
Logging to Reforestation

Illegal loggers agree to reforest an area of the Peruvian rainforest.

Islamic centre CO2 neutral

Woodford Islamic centre joins TICOF and goes CO2 neutral. Read more .

Shahid Malik MP

Shahid Malik, the Under Secretary of State for International Development, "I will be very happy to support your group in whatever way I can...." Read more

Russians Learn From TI UK

A group of leading Russian academics and education chiefs visited Tolerance International to see how the UK's inner cities combat racism, violence and mistrust.

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Diocese joins CO2 community

The diocesan central office in Brentwood is the first Catholic diocesan offices in the UK to become carbon neutral.....Read more

A green present from Her Majesty the Queen

The British Embassy in Peru goes green to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's birthday by joining Tolerance International's Human and Habitat Campaign. Read more.




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"May your conference promote a "civilization of love"..." Read more